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DJ Doormat – mein Wettbewerbsbeitrag zu thefuntheory.com 12. Dezember 2009

Posted by mafraka in Alle, Projekte an denen ich beteiligt war, Video.

Die Seite schient allerdings so überlastet zu sein, dass er bisher noch nicht hochgeladen wurde. Zwischenzeitlich hat aber ein anderen Teilnehmer etwas Ähnliches vorgeschlagen. *mmmpf*

Die detailierte Beschreibung zur DJ Doormat:

Cleaning the shoes at the doormat is good way to leave the dirt outside and also to save a lot of water, cleaning supplies and manpower inside a building.
The doormat can be used for normal house entrances (also as a substitute for the doorbell, meaning the sound can be heard inside as well) or even for big entrances of offices or public buildings (here the composition may be recorded and the next visitor may listen to it before making a new one).
To avoid blockades in case of big entrances a corridor with a common doormat in the middle of the entrance should be left free. Several “DJ Doormats” could be in the left and the right side of the entrance, turned about 45 degrees away from the walking line.

Technical issues:
Imagine the doormat is as sensitive as a touchpad on a notebook. In difference to a common touchpad this doormat doesn´t influence the behaviour of a mouse cursor, but it makes sounds when stepping on it or when moving the feet along its surface.
By stepping the user can e.g. make different drum sounds. For this purpose the doormat is divided into different areas which are connected to the different drum sounds.
Independently from those areas, moving a foot along the surface of each part of the the doormat lets a sample (e.g. voice sample) be distorted (like DJs do it with the vinyls). The sample for scratching may vary in the left and the right part of the doormat.

In a more sophisticated version the doormat also recognizes different pressures of the steps. To offer more drum sounds the strength of stepping may vary the voice of the sound itself, e.g. with a slight step you can make the sound of a snare drum, with a strong step you can make the sound of a bass drum or influence other parameters of a sound like the volume or the pitch.
The recognition of different “scratching gestures” (e.g. straight or in a circle) may vary the samples for scratching or other parameters as well.

Technical realisation:
This doormat can be realised with different technologies. A common synthesizer or a drum computer is able to transform different pressures into different sounds or to vary a sound itself (volume, pitch) and will be necessary for the first and the second of the following solutions.

1st solution:
A first very simple and mechanic version could have some buttons for the drum sounds on one (preferable the right) half of the doormat. To make the scratch sounds there is a mechanical disc connected to a so called mp3 scratch (a DJ device) on the other (preferable the left) half. The disadvantage of this version is, that the doormat user has to turn 180 degrees to get both shoes clean and the disc has to be locked after the doormat has been used to avoid slipping.

2nd solution:
As there have also to be bristles for cleaning the shoes (which absorb pressure) a doormat who reacts very sensitively on different pressures is a technical challenge. Another solution are devices who don´t react on touching them, but on making gestures above them without touching them (can also be found below DJ equipment). Such a device could be installed below a common doormat and transform the movements on the doormat into sounds.

3rd solution:
A third solution is a camera, which films the feet and a computer with an integrated synthesizer software transforms the movements into sounds. The technology for this solution already exists.



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